Your donation of gently used items will make an impact in someone’s life! Proceeds from  donations go right back into the community.

At the Economy Center, donating is quick, convenient and tax-deductible. During normal business hours, just drive to the back of the building and ring the buzzer.  Someone will assist you.

We accept all  of the following:

  • Accessories (belts, scarves, jewelry, watches, etc.)
  • Antiques and collectibles
  • Clothing – casual, work, outerwear
  • Footwear – boots, shoes, socks
  • Formal wear – prom dresses, suits, wedding attire
  • Small furniture items
  • Games, toys and puzzles
  • Holiday decorations and seasonal items
  • Kitchen items – pots, pans, glassware, utensils
  • Knickknacks – candles, photo frames, figurines
  • Linens – sheets, bedspreads, blankets, curtains, tablecloths
  • Media – books, CDs, DVDs, records
  • Shopping bags – paper and plastic
  • Small appliances – crock pots, toasters, coffee pots
  • Small electronics – curling irons, clock radios, clocks, receivers, speakers
  • Sporting goods (except bowling balls)
  • Tools

Due to space, we cannot accept:

  • Large exercise equipment (i.e. treadmill)
  • Large pieces of furniture
  • Cribs or car seats
  • Mattresses

If you have any questions, call at (920) 361-0334.